Cloud Computing Certificate Course (AWS, Microsoft Assure And Google Cloud)

This course will go over everything from getting started with Cloud Computing using the top 3 Cloud Platforms (Amazon Web Service AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud). At the end of this course, you will be able to make decisions on the Cloud system to major in and also the cloud specification to focus on.

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Cloud Computing Certificate Course (AWS, Microsoft Assure And Google Cloud)

Course Pricing

On Scholarship

One-time Payment


Students/NYSC Waiver

One-time Payment


Direct Enrollment

One-time Payment


Scholarship Opportunity

Apply to write a scholarship exam to get FREE TUITION FEE for this Course As a beneficiary of the scholarship, you will only be required to pay for course registration and certification Scholarship exam is open to all interested candidates and to apply for the scholarship is completely FREE

Course Program & Structure

6 Modules
Self-paced learning. Access to a new module will be after completing the previous module and taking the assessment
Live Virtual Sessions
At the end of every module, a session with the instructor to ask questions and get better clarity
Hands-on Lab
Practical/Lab videos are available at the end of every module
Project Demo Day
Virtual demo day to showcase and present the project done
Certificate Exams
Certification exams after completing the last module

Why take this Course?

Start a Career in TECH:

This program has been created to help start your journey if you want to pursue a career in tech, a consultant or an Entrepreneur.

Earn a Professional Certificate:

You will become a professional with valued knowledge. All students will be certified by the chosen institution upon course completion.

Opened to Internship Opportunities:

At the end of this course, you may sit for intern role examinations to stand a chance to be employed on an internship capacity.